Year 6 Look Back At Their Time At Coopersale Hall School

Then…I was young, and now..I am about to experience new things.

These pictures sparked a lot of memories that we would like to share with you.

This is us now…

Harry:  This is all of us after we have finished our exams in our last terms of Year 6

Emily:  These are my friends and I taking a group photo while sitting and talking on the bench at break-time.


But we have not always been this tall –

Emily, Jack & Ralph – This was our first photograph at Coopersale.


Nancy: This was my first photograph.  I don’t really remember much about Kindergarten, but I definitely remember being happy, cared for, and enjoying trying new things with my friends.

This was Chinese New Year where we tried noodles.  I am still always happy to see Miss Thomas my very first teacher at Coopersale because she made everything so lovely.

Kobi – I did not come to Coopersale until Year 1.  I experienced an amazing welcome from the people at Coopersale.  From the first day I met my friends in the class I could not believe that it felt like home. It was amazing and until this day, the care at my primary school has been amazing.

Emilierose – I didn’t come to this school until I was in Year 5.

I have to say that I really loved my old school uniform the best! I did enjoy my first primary school a lot but the thing that I like the best about Coopersale Hall School is that everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  I think it is really nice that all the children, no matter what year they are in, talks to each other.  It is very friendly.