Year 6 – Aqua Bounce

On Monday 21st June, 2021 Year 6 went to Aqua Bounce at Fairlop Waters and despite the weather they had a fantastic time.

The children arrived at the centre, got changed into the wet suits provided and after listening to the safety instructions proceeded to enjoy themselves.  Everybody was so happy and positive about their day and nobody was concerned about the rain!

We were amazed to find that the water was warm.  The obstacle course was a lot of fun.  It was not as easy as it looked getting back onto the obstacle when you fell off which was all part of the fun.  There were only four people allowed on the slide at one time.  We all followed the safety rule and had a marvellous time.

Felix:  That was the best trip that I have ever been on!

Ahad: It was safe and well managed.

Riya: The instructors were really nice.

Once we were dry again, we proceeded to enjoy our lunch in the cafeteria.  We definitely appreciated the food.  Finally, we enjoyed a brisk walk together around the perimeter of the lake.  We enjoyed seeing the wildlife that Fairlop waters had to offer.  We had fantastic time together.