Year 6 Memories – Classroom

Above is a picture of us NOW enjoying our last Christmas together.   Always such a lovely time of the year when we do so many lovely and special things.  These are some of our memories about some of the varied events that we have shared together.

Stanley: This is my favourite assembly which we did in Year 4 – it was based on the book “Stig of the Dump” by Clive King.

We had read this book as a class reader, I enjoyed the book, but I loved this assembly best.  I have never really like performing on stage, so it was a lovely feeling to know just how much I really enjoyed this one.  I also think Felix and I look great as pre-historic men!

Maria & Nancy:  We did enjoy doing the Year 4 assembly, but if we had to pick a favourite then it would have to be the Year 3 assembly we performed which was about World War 2.  It was a really interesting topic but it was also a bit sad too.

In year 4 we get to do the Christingle assembly – which is something that we all looked forward to.

Stanley:  This was my first time holding fire.

Sorrel:     I was really excited to do this.  We were finally doing the assembly and it was so enjoyable.

Felix: I really enjoyed making my Christingle and I enjoyed eating the sweets afterwards!

The picture of us having Christmas lunch in the hall made me smile because they made me wear the green hat to get into the spirit of things! (Bah humbug).  I enjoyed Harrison being in our class, and even though he has left, he was a good friend to me.  I’m sure we pulled the cracker – I won because I got to wear the hat!


In year 3 we did our projects towards our Oak Tree Bronze Award –


Sorrel: This was my presentation on Norfolk.   I remember being nervous to do it in front of everyone.


Kobi: This was one of my favourite pieces of work as we could choose our own project to present and this was about my dog, who I really adore.


Ralph: It took me quite a while to prepare my presentation board on tortoises – I was really pleased with it.  I think it was eye-catching.



Riya: My presentation on cats went very well and I was very pleased as you can see from the smile on my face.