Year 6 Memories – Times Together

Then and Now …. What we  have shared together.

This is us NOW, within the final weeks as Coopersale Hall School, continuing with our learning and being introduced to new and exciting topics.

Harry:  This is Felix and me reading “Great Expectation” by Charles Dickens.  It was our class reader and I found it a really good story and would recommend it. We had some really good discussions about how we thought the story would end.

Jaspreet: This is Emilierose and myself building an electricity circuit in Science.  When we work together it really is nice because you can discuss what you think and work as a team.

Some of us have been lucky to enjoy our roles as year 6 prefects.  We have enjoyed have the extra responsibilities.  Scarlett – I had the chance to do many different things – it was fun!

This is us in Year 4 – we would learn to understand maths in many different ways.  We think this really helped us, and working in together also made it more fun.


Ralph & Ben: Working together made maths fun!


Harry: This is my maths net – which I remember quite enjoying.


Ben:  I think it really helped when you made the cubes and helped you understand what you needed to do.


Jaspreet: We were looking at shapes and their properties in maths.  I think maths is my favourite subject.

It is good working together because it helps you solve the problems even though sometime you have to help your partner stay focused!

Ben and Maria:  We were lucky enough to be voted as the school council representatives in Year 3.  Ben feels especially lucky as he won by one vote! As a special treat for all the school councils hard work, they were taken to Ada Cole.  They had a lovely day and Maria has fond memories of the horses and ponies that they saw.

Nancy, Riya, Mateus, Jack, Ahad, Harry, Scarlett, Emilierose, Maria, Jaspreet – We are the first from our families to leave Coopersale Hall School.  We hope our siblings will enjoy the rest of their time here as much as we have.

Ben, Ralph, Kobi, Felix, Maria, Sorrel, Neve – We are the last of our family to leave this school, and some of us have been the first and the last of our family to be at this school.

We wish everyone the best for their next school year at Coopersale Hall.  We wish each other all the best in our new schools.