Year 6 Memories – Music, Singing And Art

We have done many creative things at Coopersale during our years and we can share some of these moments with you and our feelings about what our choices will be in the future.

Nancy: I am really glad that I have had the opportunity of learning these instruments at school.

I’m not very sure whether I will continue with playing any instrument during secondary school.  I think my true passion is my singing and that is what I will continue with.

I am really glad that the school has given me the opportunity of singing during band performances and at assembly.

Neve:  I am not particularly keen on the recorder, but I really did enjoy playing in a group and performing together.  It made me feel more confident.

I think we are lucky to have been able to celebrate a lot of events and sing together.

I really enjoy art and it is something I intend to keep doing.  These are the pieces that I am really proud of.

Maria:  I have tried many instruments in my time at Coopersale.  I think that I will continue to play the flute as I go into secondary school. I have found some of our performances have made me nervous, but I find that once I start playing I just forget about all that.  I really enjoy my art and I’m excited to see what new things I’ll learn and do when I finally leave Coopersale Hall School.  When Jess and Molly left the school I was really sad and felt that I would not be as close to anyone as I was to them – but I have learnt that I am still friends with them, and I have also been lucky enough to make new friends.