Year 5 Take Their Thyme Learning About Herbs!

This week, Year 5 were lucky enough to have Mrs Knowles bring in the herbs that she grows in her garden. We passed them all around the room, looking at and smelling them. Mrs Knowles told us what the herbs were and how to use them. These herbs included: sage, that is used to cleanse your house of bad spirits or your body to keep healthy; rosemary and thyme are used to flavour lamb, also rosemary and lemon balm are used to make oils that go in soap and lotions; chives are like small onions and are used to flavour meals, the stalk can be cut up to flavour potatoes; mint and strawberry mint are used as a flavouring; dill and fennel are used as a flavouring to help cook fish; hops are herbs that are used to flavour beer; and bay leaves are used in a bouquet garni to give flavour to dishes.


We left the herbs overnight and, believe it or not, they were still in good condition by morning. So, we decided to draw the herbs in our art books. They turned out really great! We think it is safe to say that this week turned out to look and smell sensational.

Written by Nigel and Sophie