Year 5 Amazing Pointillism Paintings

By Gemma & Maiya, CHS

We have recently learnt about Pointillism, which was invented by Georges Pierre Seurat. Although his art was very impressive, the artist sadly died of pneumonia in 1901 at the age of 32.

His technique uses tiny dots of pure colours to form an image when applied to a canvas.  The colours appear to blend because they are dotted so close together, but paint is never actually blended before applying it. Our eyes do all of the blending work. 

In year 5, we spent weeks recreating our own version of Seurat’s Circus.  Each student was given an A6 piece of the picture which they had to enlarge to A4 size.

When we had finished our individual pieces, they were put together onto a giant black background to complete the artwork.

Our impressive work is now on display on the wall by the office, in the main entrance hallway.