Club Week



We are amazed that we are nearly at the end of our first half-term at school and that the children have settled in so well.  We are also delighted with the response that our children have shown to all the clubs that are now on offer for them to participate in, both at lunch-time and after school.  It is lovely to see the children interacting together and enjoying the clubs. Throughout this week we will be taking a closer look at what the children get up to.

It’s the final day of Coopersale Halls club week and we’ve saved a real favourite until last, It’s Art Club!


Art Club:

This very popular club has been split into two groups – Years 1 & 2 / Years 3 – 6.  This club allows the children to experiment with different mediums and explore different topics.

Years 1 & 2 – have been looking at patterns within nature.  They have created their own tree from the leaf prints that they made and cut different fabrics to create the bark of their tree’s.

Some of the children have elected to create masks and are in the process of working on these – we cannot wait to see how they finally look.

Years 3-6 – The children have been working hard on their pieces this half-term.  They commenced by looking at nature and sketching and painting the flowers that they observed.   They then moved onto looking at different cultures and diversity that each culture offers.  We concentrated on different types of head gear that different countries adopt.  We created our own version of the ceremonial head-gear from Vietnam.  We took a photograph of each child, and then they sketched, painted and decorated their own versions of this head-gear using their own faces.

Computing & Coding:

Our children are enjoying their time during Computing and Coding Club.  They are developing their skills using various apps and programs.  They also enjoy learning from each other. Coding is such a great skill to have mastered and we love how the children can learn it in such fun and interesting way. They pick up computer skills so fast!

Rock Band:

The children enjoy getting together to do Rock Band.  They choose the songs that they wish to work on and decide how best a song can be delivered.  The pictures show just how much they enjoy playing their instruments together and jamming to their own beat.


The children are currently working on their first project – Sea Creatures.  The children began by putting their ideas onto paper.  Then they commenced using the clay and found it really enjoyable manipulating the clay and using the tools create their ideas. they are now at the stage of using the glazing paints to bring their creatures to life.


The children are enjoying understanding the rules and getting to grips with the strategy and tactics involved in achieving a great game.  They are also appreciating that you cannot win every game and that this is part of the experience.


Hama Bead:

The children are delighted to do this club.  They enjoy sorting through the beads to get just the right combination of colours that they are after to create these lovely pieces.  They are enjoying the time that they spend together and are so pleased that they can have this much-loved experience at school.