Double the Blessings!

We are delighted to have five sets of twins at Coopersale Hall School. In LK we have Laurie and Clara, Alba and Lake.  In UK we have Samuel and Alexander.  In Yr1 we have Ranveer and Roshni.  Finally, in Yr3 we have Albert and George.  It is lovely to see how much these children have in common and how we notice the things that set them apart.

In LK the twins are in the same class, which we consider to be comforting as they are the youngest class in the school.   The girls, Laura and Clara, enjoy playing and being together within the class.

At school, these girls wear different coloured bows so that they can be easily distinguished.  Interestingly, Alba and Lake interact with each other, but work independently in class and enjoy playing with the other children.

When the children enter UK,  they may be put into separate classes.  We believe that although they are twins, they are also individuals and that being in different classes helps them to develop their own personality.   Samuel and Alexander enjoy tricking their big sister and often pretend to be the other brother!  Samuel thinks Alexander is the best brother ever because he makes him laugh and always listens to him.

When we asked Ranveer what he liked about being a twin, he said, “We live in the same house, and always play cars together.”  Roshni commented, “I like the sharing and the playing, but I don’t get to pick the games!  We like watching television together.”

Albert and George are the eldest of our twins in Year 3.  They were unanimous in their enjoyment of tricking their families as to who is who!  They enjoy being twins because they sleep together in the same bedroom and keep each other company.  When I asked their friends how they could tell them apart they advised me that if you looked closely their eyes are slightly different, one is slightly taller than the other and also, they wear their hair parting on different sides.

We consider all our twins to be double the blessings!