House Cross Country Championship

On Thursday 14th October Coopersale Hall school held its annual House Cross Country Championship event on the school field. There were races for each year group from 3-6. When each pupil finished a race, they were awarded points which counted towards the House Cross Country Cup.

After a wonderful afternoon of races, the House Cup was decided by just a few points. The results were as follows;

1st Willow 248 pts

2nd Beech and Oak 231 pts

3rd Chestnut 201 pts


The individual results and medal winners were as follows;

Year 3 Girls                                      Boys

1st Florie Curtis-Allen                1st Ralph Hunter

2nd Emelia Pughsley                    2nd Albie Morgan

3rd India Bal                                  3rd Henry Clarke

Year 4 Girls                                      Boys

1st Elizabeth Whitefield              1st Gregor Crawford

2nd Poppy pughsley &                  2nd Oscar De Conti

2nd Sophie Butler                          3rd Thomas Fragos

3rd Imogen White

Year 5 Girls                                      Boys

1st Francesca Lancaster              1st Lucas Carroll

2nd Ruby Summer-Jacobs           2nd Daniel Wooder & Stanley Fitzgerald

3rd Delilah Cavendish                  3rd Maxwell Dollery

Year 6 Girls                                      Boys

1st Chloe Tetherton                     1st Oliver Thornton & Nigel Ihemeson

2nd Ines Cordwell                          2nd Ewan Crawford

3rd Annabel Baird                         3rd Alexander Whitefield


Mr Robinson would like to thank all of the children for showing so much determination and effort. Also a big thank you to all the parents who turned up to cheer them all on.