Year 6 Harlow Outdoor Pursuits


On the 4th November year 6 went to outdoor pursuits and took part in kayaking and climbing. Groups 2 and 3 went climbing first. It was great fun and a lot of people got to the top. We had to belay each other up and down. A lot of people got stuck. We got into our harness and our instructor told us how to climb safely. Everybody enjoyed it. After lunch we were instructed in kayaking. We got into our helmets and life jackets. We were taught how to use our paddle and what to do if we fell in, luckily that didn’t happen. We paddled for 20 minutes until we got under a tunnel, the we turned back. It was a great experience.


We set off for our ‘Army Training’. It was extremely cold, we started by going down to the bottom of the river and then we were instructed that we had to go up to the top now! I was already tired and soaking. Half way up the river every one was told we had to jump on the boats. We eventually got to the top of the river and set off for warmth back inside.

As we got out everybody was keen to get inside and get changed, it was time for lunch (yum). We finished all our food and the other groups went to the south pole to do the kayaking.