Hands on in Science – Exploring the Circulatory System

This half term in science, Year 6 have been looking at the circulatory system. They previously learnt to label the various parts of the heart and discussed the role of the heart in the circulatory system. This week the pupils were shown a complete lambs pluck, which includes the wind pipe, lungs, heart  and liver. We discussed the roles of each of the organs and then the pupils were able to see and feel how different the organs were. They were then shown how to carefully cut the heart to see the chambers. Pupils then worked in pairs and were given a heart between them to carefully dissect and explore for themselves.

Sienna – ‘I found this lesson gross but enjoyable. We cut open the lambs heart and there was a lot of blood. In the heart there are four chambers and you could stick your finger in and you will be able to see your finger inside the heart. The heart was spongy and squishy,