A Good Book Can Find You In Many Different Ways!

Last academic year we asked the children to complete a questionnaire letting us know their feelings concerning the library and the books within it.  We found this to be very informative and we were delighted to take onboard the thoughts that the children expressed.


As part of their half-term homework Year 5 were asked to select a book from a range of books that had been compiled from our expanding PSHE books and also those books/authors that the children had highlighted together with books that had been donated into our library.


Upon returning to school these are some of the comments made by the children in Year 5 Newbigging on the books that they had selected:


Ruby-Summer / Amelia – “SpongeBob Comics” – on every single page there was something to make you laugh out loud.  The plot had more twists and turns then we would have expected.

Ruby – “Syvia and Bird” – It was a lovely book about friendship. The book had lovely illustrations and it may appear simple, but it had a really powerful message.

Noah – “Choosing Crumble” – A nice story about a child and mum who get a dog.  It turns out that the dog was quite demanding.  The cliff-hanger ending was excellent.

Attila – “GrK” – I had already read 30 pages by the next day, I loved this book so much that I got out the next book in the series ready!  Monty and Lucas were not enjoying their books as much as they expected and they really liked the sound of my book – so they changed their reading books to one in the “GrK” series.  It was nice that we all enjoyed this series together.

Ivy – “Boy at the Back of the Class” – I have only just come to the school.  I picked my book because my class mates had already read it and everyone recommended it so highly.  I am glad I listened because I really enjoyed this book and the story about someone who had to fit into a class – just like me!

The children from Year 5 Bull also found the books that they selected to read over half-term were equally as interesting.


Evie – “A Pinch of Magic” – I really enjoy this genre and I’m definitely reading all the books in the series.

Delilah – “The Danger Gang”    – I think that Tom Fletcher is the best author ever.  I will definitely look out for his books and read some more.

Florence – “Isadora Moon” – I picked this book because my sister loves them, and as she didn’t have this one, we read it together over half-term.  She was so thrilled.

Sophia – “The Letter for the King” – I picked this book because everyone who had read it said how amazing it was.  I don’t mind that the book has a lot of pages, the story is so good that it is worth it.

Naya – “The Girl of Ink and Stars” – My sister had read this and said that it was amazing.  I totally agree.


We really enjoyed reading these books.  We found that, if the book was part of a series, we definitely wanted to find out what happened next.  It was nice to share our thoughts about the books we had chosen and it is great seeing our classmates giving our recommendation some thought.