Reflecting and Celebrating our Diversity

It’s Good To Be Different


Within society, people don’t always get along, and sometimes people forget that it is other people’s differences that make them unique and special.  It is diversity that makes our world more interesting.

We have created a display board that highlights the various ways in which our children participate and respond to the challenges that influence their growth and appreciation of their different viewpoints.


Through play and participating in clubs, where they use their imagination and enjoy being in the company of their friends and cooperating together, they understand the consequences of their behaviour and actions.


Through challenging themselves in their “Oaktree Challenge Award” they learn a new skill and develop their confidence .  This was particularly evident during activity days, where they were brave and supported each other to achieve their goals.


When the children go out into the local community and are representing our school, they are considering the needs of others and the different ways in which we can donate and make a difference.


Through reflecting on our experiences and considering the different cultures essential for life in our modern world.  In this way, we come to appreciate and understand the things people and communities share in common.