Pupils Show Their Amazing Karate Skills

We have always known that we have very talented pupils at Coopersale Hall School but a recent message from World Champion Sensei Daniel Cuthbert has really shown just what our pupils can do.


‘We are so proud that UNITED KARATE ASSOCIATION has had plenty of successful students from Coopersale Hall School over the years, but most recently at the end of 2021, three students have done amazingly at some competitions to finish the year off!

We are really proud of Ewan Crawford who competed in the Karate Junior league which is the hardest karate league in the country and his team came 2nd, with Ewan scoring some of the most important points!

He also won Athlete of the Week at UKA’S SPEED AGILITY AND QUICKENESS (SAQ) Course in the summer of last year, so it was great year for him! Ewan has also been to a few England training sessions too, with his fighting and kicks really coming on last year! His younger brother Gregor Crawford did amazingly aswell in the competition and got 3rd in kata in one of the biggest sections of the day! He shows great determination for his age and I look forward to seeing him compete this year and get some more medals.

Sophie Butler did brilliantly in her first competition bringing back two medals! She always does her best and it paid off as she got 2nd in Kata and 1st in Fighting so nearly double gold in the orange belt section and she has only just graded up, so I hope she can win some more medals this year too!

With all the new students at the school I hope we can win the Karate District Sports competition again as we will have a much stronger team this year!

I’m so proud of these three kids and all of my students at the school as they work so hard each week and the next generation of champions are going to be my best students and fighters yet!’

With hard work and dedication you can achieve anything. Well done all!