Adventures At Outdoor Pursuits

“This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger”

Year 5 have been reflecting on how their trip to Harlow Outdoor Pursuits last year has helped them to face challenges and realise that if they take one step at a time and believe they can do it – they can feel proud of what they can accomplish.

(James 5B) I loved every moment of it. As soon as we arrived, we got out of the mini bus and rushed through the doors and into a waiting room. In a couple of minutes, we were put into groups and we went off to do some canoeing. We paddled around trying to control our slim canoe. Then we paddled down the river and under a tunnel. We played a game where our instructor would say a type of fruit and if you are that fruit you had to switch places with the person in your canoe. After that we played a game of world domination with a tennis ball. You had to try and throw the ball into someone else’s boat and they would be on your team. We worked together to ensure that the canoe didn’t wobble around too much – if was quite a skill to learn.

Reflection of the day – I had a great day with lots of fun with the activities. I learned to trust my abilities, how to be safe in each activity and the importance of team-work.

(Clara 5N) Ruby, Frankie and myself were first into our canoe and we had to work together to paddle around the lake. I didn’t like this part because I was really scared. After we got into playing a few games – which I really liked – I started to enjoy canoeing and overcame my feelings of being afraid.

Reflection of the day – This trip helped me with team work and it made me like some things that I had been terrified of doing before.

(Florence 5B) The next activity was rock climbing. We were split into groups and in my group there was Delilah, Evie, Jess and myself. There were three important jobs – firstly, the climber, secondly, the B-Layer, who held the rope that supported the climber and finally the person who ensured that the rope was also supported and did not get tangled up. I climbed to the top!

Reflection of the day – Team work is so important. Without it who knows what would happen!

Ruby (5N) We were so looking forward to this trip and we found that it was really good fun. We really listened to the safety instructions and everyone followed them. We learned new skills together.

Reflection of the day – We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed each other’s company. I did better than I expected and that was a lovely feeling.