Year 5 Learn About The Holocaust

The children in Y5 had a seminar organised by Holocaust Education Trust with a discussion initially and then a talk with question and answer session from Heidi Argent MBE (Holocaust survivor) who had used the Kindertransport to get to England.

The children heard all about her life as a Jewish girl in Europe and how her and other’s lives as Jews had changed over time. The seminar took place over Zoom with over 20 schools joining virtually (approx.. 1000 students). There were also some MPs actively engaging in this Zoom too.

The children were able to ask questions and Year 5 were very proud to have their questions read out and answered by Heidi Argent MBE. The main message that was conveyed by Heidi and the Trust was that it was important for children to always share their stories and how small acts of kindness can really make a difference to people.

She asked the children to consider what they would put into a small suitcase if they had to leave home forever, and to also look around themselves to see what would have to be left behind along with people they may never see again.

The seminar was very interesting, sad in parts but all were inspired by her courage. The children were pleased to hear of her successful journey to England and how small acts of kindness from others upon her arrival here made her feel safe, welcomed and gave her and others hope. Well done Year 5 for listening so sensibly and engaging maturely with this seminar.

Mrs Graves