Sun Trap 2022

Year 4 had a wonderful time camping at Suntrap! Three pupils, Lizzie, Sophie and Rachel have recounted their day and all of the fun things they got up to:



The Y 4 are camping at Suntrap in fabulous pods near Epping Forest. They are learning about climate change and how to take climate action.

Pupils set out exploring the forest wrapped up in their winter gear, played eco games, had marshmallows and had a go on the adventure play.

This is what Lizzie said about her pod :

“My pod is snug and cosy. I am surprised all 4 of us fit into it!”


Here are some quotes from the children about how they are going to take climate action and the little steps they are going to take.


Evie: “plant more trees”

Simian: “take shorter car journeys, walk or cycle”

Poppy: “reduce deforestation”

Lizzie: “look after the trees because they store carbon dioxide”