Playground Buddies

There was lots of interest for the exciting new roles of Playground buddies at school, the children who wished to be considered for this role filled in an application form and stated what they felt were the right qualities for being a playground buddy.  They also considered why they would make the perfect candidate for this role!


Here are some of the qualities they felt they could bring to this role:


Clara (5N) – ‘Being kind, playing with them and helping them play with people.’


Francesca (5N) – ‘I like to be funny and make others laugh.’


Ivy (5N) – ‘I’ve got a very young sister and I am good at resolving problems.’


Ruby (5N) – ‘I’m kind, caring and positive.  I will never leave someone out of a game and I will not have a favourite child but play with them all.’


Alex (5N) – ‘I’m friendly and I don’t want the children to be bored.’


Atilla (5N) – ‘Because I want everyone to be kind.’



These are some of the reasons why they wanted to take on this role within school:


Izzy (5B) – ‘I am really patient and would like to help and play with the other children.  I would like to set a good example.  I have a younger sister and when her friends come round I take care of them and we have a blast!’


Florence (5B) – ‘I have siblings and I know how to help.  The little ones love me and I have lots of little friends.’


Delilah (5B) – ‘I am good at listening, with a good sense of fun, and last but not least, I am a nice girl.’


Andreas (5B) – ‘I know some games and I like to help and stop anyone who may feel bullied.  I want to help those that are left out to feel part of the fun.’


James (5B) – ‘I like to help out, am very polite, sensible and kind.  I have a little sister and I regularly play with her so I have some experience with younger children.’



The playground buddy team were all delighted to agree a rota of duty and wear their jackets so that the younger children could easily identify them in the playground.  We are delighted these ideal candidates will be kind and caring in this lovely role within our school.