Epping and Ongar Primary Sports Association – Cross Country

Sporting Event: Epping and Ongar Primary Sports Association – Cross Country

Date: Tuesday 8th March, 2022


It was a bright crisp day at Ongar Primary school with lots of spectators (mainly parents and grandparents) gathered to cheer on their teams.  There were 7/8 school teams gathered for the annual Epping & Ongar Primary Sports Association Cross Country races, including Ongar Primary, Ivy Chimney, Epping St Johns, Epping Upland and of course, Coopersale Hall School.


First up were the Year 5/6 boys.  They had to run 3 laps totalling 1500m.  Everyone was nervous before the race started but the nerves disappeared once everyone was running.  Coopersale Hall didn’t win but the team did well overall.  Oliver (year 6) was first across the finishing line for Coopersale, taking position 7.  He was closely followed by Ewan (year 6) and Lucas (year 5).


Next up were Year 5/6 girls.  Similar to the boys, they had to run 3 laps totalling 1500m.  There were still some normal race nerves but they quickly evaporated once the race started.  Again, the team did well as a whole.  Chloe (year 6) was first across the line for Coopersale Hall, finishing in 7th position, matching the boys.  She was closely followed by Ines (year 6) and Sienna (year 6).


The third race was Year 3/4 boys.  Due to the age of the participants, this is a 2-lap race totalling 1000m.  Coopersale Hall School did well and Gregor (year 4) crossed the line first in 11th position, closely followed by his team-mates.


The final race was Year 3/4 girls.  Their race was also 2-lap totalling 1000m.  Elizabeth (year 4) had a brilliant start and maintained that all the way through the race.  She crossed the finishing line in first place, taking gold and making everyone proud of her.


Coopersale Hall School had a brilliant morning at the cross-country races and Elizabeth taking gold for her race was the icing on top of the cake.  Hopefully Coopersale Hall School will do even better next year – go Coopersale Hall!


Written by Sport Captain – Chloe (Year 6)