Tag Rugby

On the 22 March, Coopersale Hall’s Tag Rugby team travelled to Woodford Wells Sports Centre to play tag rugby. We arrived at 10 a.m. and we had an hour to get ready and practice. Soon enough, the event started at 11a.m. and as we watched all the schools start to arrive, Miss Barnard told us to have something to eat. The schools that took part were Avon House, Immanuel, Daiglen, Oaklands and Coopersale. A few teams had both an A team and a B team.

We played our first match against Daiglen’s B team and we beat them 9-1. We played well and gained a great result.

Our next match, against Oaklands B team, went quite well. We managed to beat them 8-1.

Sadly, we did not do as well in our next match. We lost 6-7 to Avon House’s A team. There was no doubt that they were one of the best teams there. We played to the best of our abilities but they were the better team.

Luckily, we managed to get into the best league, only second to Avon House’s A team.

In the semi-finals we beat Avon house’s B team with an amazing score of 8-3, putting us into the finals.

With Oaklands cheering us on, we fought to gain victory against Avon House and marginally beat them with a score of 5-3. We lifted the trophy high in celebration. We fought hard and it paid off. We would all like to thank Miss Barnard and Mrs Knowles for accompanying us on the trip.

Ewan & Oliver T – Year 6