Year 4 Roman Day!

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans this year and held a special day to celebrate. Everyone dressed up in their finest Roman attire, including the Year 4 teachers and took part in themed activities including a Latin spelling test, learning Roman numerals in maths, carving soap to create Roman art and finishing the day with a Roman buffet. The children had so much fun!

Here’s what the children thought of the day….

Rachel Lundy

On Monday 25th April, stunned I stepped into my class and my eyes were transfixed on my teachers. I thought to myself, what is going on?

And then I looked down to see I was not wearing my school uniform, I had transformed into a Roman…

The morning lessons continued as usual except there was an exciting Roman twist to our maths and English. We did a Latin spelling test, it was very fun and in maths we learnt out Roman numerals.

Lunch was perfectly normal we didn’t do anything Roman at lunch.

After lunch, we went up to the art room to do some soap carving. The smell of new, beautiful, blooming flowers filled the air. I loved it. I did a picture of an owl. I had so much fun, did you?

At the end of the day we had a lavish Roman buffet. In the buffet there were: grapes, cheese, carrot sticks, olives and more. For the drink there was a fizzy apple drink.

I really enjoyed my day, did you?


Poppy Pughsley

When you go to school, you probably have maths and English. It all just seems… normal, right? Well, this Monday, we had a legendary Romans day.

In this picture, you can see that I am wearing a glistening white toga, with a gold rim and matching cord and crown. I held wooden armour and I wore sandals.

My BFF Georgina wore this similar toga to me followed by gorgeous rose gold shoes. Soft fabric was hanging down her arms, like a Roman princess.

Later on, in maths we learnt about Roman numerals. We had fun writing down the numerals, with all of the I’s X’s and V’s.

We also did a fun quiz. There were five teams – ‘cavalry’, ‘gladiators’, ‘praetorians’, ‘senators’ and ‘centurions’. I enjoyed it because there were lots of questions to answer. Gladiators, senators and centurions won! I felt really happy!

Then we went up to the art room and carved into bars of soap. I carved an owl with a pencil but it did overlap a bit, so I had to carve away at bits, but it was so fun. Georgina carved a leaf with great detail.

To finish off the day, we had a banquet, with champagne and shot glasses containing wine and lots of food like: yellow cheese, juicy grapes, delicious ham, green and black olives and lovely pitta bread etc.

What a brilliant day!


Lizzie Whitefield

Monday 25th was really fun for year 4 because it was Roman day! I was mesmerised when I first walked into my classroom because both Mrs Burgess and Miss Cocklin were wearing togas. In fact, I was too! I knew that we would have a great day! We did lots of fun activities including a Latin spelling test and soap carving. Guess what else we did?

I came to school dressed as a Roman! In fact, everyone in year 4 did because it was Roman day! Even the teachers were Romans! We started off doing Roman numerals. I did one to one hundred. It was really good fun. I had never done anything like that before. We also looked at them in maths.

After the Roman numerals, it was English. First of all, in English it was a Latin selling test, it was difficult but I learnt some new words. Do you know the Latin word for dog is ‘canis’? The third Roman lesson of the day was English again! This time we did a quiz! My table was the cavalry and we scored lots of points. It was amazing fun!

After lunch it was soap carving! We covered the art room floor with soap shavings! I felt satisfaction when carving my wine cup and sweet aromas filled the air from everyone’s bar of soap. I showed my wine cup around before the art lesson ended.

My favourite part of the day was the Roman banquet. When I walked into Miss Gilbert’s classroom, all I could do was stop and stare because the desks were laden with both sweet and savoury treats.  There were figs and grapes, olives and cakes and pittas and a delicious drink! As I sipped the sparkling shloer, I knew that the brilliant banquet was my favourite part of the day.

After a long day, it was home time. As much as I enjoyed Roman day, I was exhausted so I was glad that tomorrow I would not be a Roman.