Reading Grows Your Mind


Years 2 and 3 have come together to discover more about some very inspiring people.  They also looked at books that had a message of kindness and support.

Each child selected a book that they found interesting and were asked to write a book review to be put into our “Recommend for You – Book Reviews”.  They were also asked to create a poster of the book and share their thoughts with their peers.

The posters and books are now in the library for everyone to enjoy!

The children learned how reading grows your mind and improves your memory.  Reading also increases your attention span, making you stay more focused and expands your vocabulary and use of language.


Here’s what some of the children had to say about their books:

Year 3 – 

Delilah – “Ada Twist, Scientist”

I like that she never lost her dream.


Margaux – “Little People, Big Dreams – Frida Kahlo”

I really like art and this book is all about art.


Lily – “Little People, Big Dreams – Greta Thunberg”

I like it when all her family are together.

Year 4 –

Florie – “Little People, Big Dreams – Elton John”

The book is very fun and creative and you could learn all of his skills and be just like him.  It was amazing!


Grayson – “Little People, Big Dreams – David Attenborough”

I like that he looks for fossils and finds animals.


Saskia – “Little People, Big Dreams – Coco Chanel”

I liked the fact that Coco grew up in an orphanage and was different, but she didn’t stop living her life.


Albie – “Little People, Big Dreams – Muhammad Ali”

He wanted to face the thief that stole his bicycle.  He wanted to go far in life.