Stubbers Activity Day 2022

On Monday 9th May year 5 and year 6 went to Stubbers for the day to experience a variety of activities.  The children had a fantastic time trying their hand at rifle shooting, archery, raft building, and paddle boarding. It was a day full of laughter, team building, and lots of fun!

Here’s what the pupils had to say about the day:

Year 5

Naya –

The first activity for our group was paddle boarding.  This was my favourite activity.  We learnt how to lie on our paddle board, kneel down and then, eventually stand up! We all fell over a lot of times but luckily it was a very hot day, and the cold water was refreshing.


Evie –

Paddle boarding was really fun and surprisingly easy – even though I feel I spent more time in the water than on my board!


Delilah –

Next, we did rifle shooting – it wasn’t my absolute favourite because the googles we had to wear were really annoying.  We didn’t take them off because we understood they were important for safety.


Evie –

Archery was very hard but still fun.  We played a game where we had to hit every colour on the targets in order to get to the middle one (yellow).  But we got stuck in the “lava” (red) and could not get onto another colour.  Somehow I shot onto the red – but I don’t know how I did it!


Naya –

We were ready for lunch, which we enjoyed.  Once we had eaten we went onto the wooden playground with all sorts of things, Aiden and I had a great time exploring what there was until we were ready for our next activity.


Delilah –

Our last activity we did was raft building.  This is where we worked as a team.  We had to decide together what type of raft to make, then follow the instructions to build it safely enough for everyone to get onto it and paddle around the water.  Some people in our group fell into the water but I did not, which pleased me.


Year 6

Aaryan – Marvellous day, had a lot of fun!

Maxwell – Stubbers was great, especially the raft building.

Sophie – Enjoyed doing things that I had never done.

Elena – It was a lot of fun, especially the paddle boarding.

Annabel – I got 2 bullseyes in archery.