Year 4’s Wondercrump Trip To The Roald Dahl Museum

The children have recounted their marvellous day out on the 5th May, 2022.  These are their thoughts:


Alice – Year 4G – 

It was splendiferous weather as we got on the coach to start our journey to the Roald Dahl museum.  I felt hopscotchy and excited as I sat next to Jack on the coach.  We talked almost the whole way there.  We arrived and walked to the museum.  It looked a bit like an ordinary house squished between other houses but was painted a beautiful pale blue and had Gobblefunk painted on the front.  Inside there were wonderful exhibits and information everywhere about Roald Dahl.


Sophie – Year 4B –

Our first job was to partner up and make a character.  We went over to the dream jar (from the BFG) and changed our voice at random.  It came out all deep and funny! Using different magazine faces we make a new chaotic face.  We had a lot of fun dressing up into the different costumes.  My partner Imogen, looked wonderful when dressed up, she looked like Toad from “Wind in the Willows.”


Gregor – Year 4B –

Our next stop was the Boy Gallery.  Here we saw Roald Dahl’s old school bag and we could dress up in his old clothes.  We had a chance to look at his life as a child.  Afterwards we went to the Solo Gallery.  We were able to dress up in pilot’s costumes and pretend to fly a plane.  Roald Dahl was a pilot before he was a writer so we could understand more about his adult life.  We visited his writing hut.  It had a chair with a board on top of it so he could work. The guides explained that he used to work for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.  This sounds like a good job to me


Simran – Year 4G –

Finally, at long last, we had a fabulous lunch.  I sat on a table with Evie, Isla and Blaise.  We talked about all the fun we had and what we though was in the gift-shop.  Before we left we had a play in the playground which was such good fun.  We had had such a wonderful day that we were not ready to go back to school.   On the trip back I imagined myself being someone like Roald Dahl and think that he is such an amazing author, he is truly the world’s number one bestselling author.


Alice – Year 4G –

I would recommend a visit to the museum for all Roald Dahl fans as there is lots to see and do and it’s a gloriumptious day out!



Wondercrump: wonderful or splendid

Splendiferous:  Splendid or marvellous

Hopscotchy: to feel happy or cheerful

Gobblefunk: words invented by Roald Dahl

Gloriumptious – and experience that is glorious and exciting.