On Monday 23 May Coopersale Hall school took part in the I.S.A. London North Area Athletics Competition held at the Bedford international athletics stadium in Bedford. This competition involves all of the schools in the London North I.S.A area. The event also involves secondary pupils, and this provided the pupils with a good opportunity to watch the older pupils from the Oaktree group of schools in competition.

Our pupils performed brilliantly, with all of them showing great determination and effort. We had many excellent results. Nigel Ihemeson 4th in the Boys Year 6, 80m and 150m sprint. Oliver Thornton 4th in the Boys year 6, 6oom. The Boys 80m Relay team 5th, Nigel Ihemeson, Oliver Thornton, Ewan Crawford and Lucas Carroll. Chloe Tetherton 5th in the Girls 600m. Chloe was also 2nd in her year 6 Girls, 80m heat but did not make the final.

Mr Robinson would like to thank all of the pupils who took part, they showed great commitment. Especially when you consider the long and exciting week they had just had at the Overstrand kingswood Centre. This was Coopersale Hall’s first trip to this event and it has really laid the foundation for great success next year.