Year 5 Get Philosophical At Brentwood School Taster Day

Year 5 were invited to attend a taster day at Brentwood School on Wednesday 8th June.  When they arrived at the school they were taken into a hall and welcomed by the staff.  Discovering that there had been a school established on the site since the time of Elizabeth I!


The classes were then split into two groups and took part in a programme of lessons like Biology, Music, Theology and Philosophy.


These are the thoughts of Mimi in Year 5 on her Brentwood experience:


First at Brentwood School Year 5 B did Biology.  It was very fun.  We got a big tub full of leaves and then we had to search through and find bugs.  I found a spider, nine wood-louse and a slug!.  We then looked at these  bugs closely through a microscope.  After that we had a yummy snack and drink.  Then we made our way to our next lesson.  We did Theology, which means the study of God, and Philosophy which means the love of wisdom.  We had to look at pictures and say what we could see within it.  The picture that shows two faces facing each other caused a lot of discussion.  Some people saw the faces only, others saw a fancy goblet but when I looked at the picture, I saw a tiger’s face. Once I showed the class how I saw this everyone could see it too!  It was very interesting to understand that these pictures taught us that from the same picture many different things can be seen, and by sharing what we had seen it helped us to see things from a different point of view.  After our classes we enjoyed a lovely lunch, they had an amazing hall and it had a giant painting showing how the school had looked in the time of Elizabeth I.  We then went back by coach to Coopersale.


Mrs Bull and Mrs Newbigging were very proud with how the children engaged in their various lessons, the interesting questions that they raised and their polite manners.  It was an excellent experience at a senior school which they all found to be very informative, interesting and extremely good fun!