The Big Toddle

Kindergarten from Coopersale Hall and Normanhurst joined together on Friday 24 June to participate in the Big Toddle.  The walk took place at the Suntrap Forest Centre where the children were led into the woods to discover the hidden animals along the way.

The teachers were delighted with how the children in Year 5 interacted with the younger children and were keen to hold their hands, and have a chat as they made their way back to the Suntrap Forest Centre.  Once they were back and went into a small enclosed garden we were delighted to see how the children made up their own games and played together.   They enjoyed “Ring a Ring a Rosie”, “Duck Duck Goose” and some feed the elephant with grass! It was very heart-warming how well they interacted.

Overall the children have raised over £1000 for the Barnardo’s charity!

Maxwell in Year 5 describes his experience…

“If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure to get a big surprise! On the Friday 24 June, Lower Kindergarten participated in ‘The Big Toddle’ getting sponsorship for Barnardo’s, which is a charity that protects and supports Britain’s most vulnerable children.

The walk took place at Suntrap Forest Centre, and the bravery of these young walkers was put to the test as Year 5 (dressed in an array of wild animal outfits) leapt out at them along the way.

My friend James and I were the first people to hide, both dressed as blueish-greyish rhinos, we would easily stand out against the green forest, with its red and orange leaves, so we would have to pick our hiding places carefully, if we were not to be found!  We waited until Lower Kindergarten came.  When I heard their footsteps, I instantly ducked down behind my bush and sat silently.  “Grrr..!”, I snorted as loud as I could and ambled out of my hiding spot, James also emerging from his tree hiding-area.

We then trudged along with the Lower Kindergarten up the path, with each minute more animals jumping out and joining the line of children.  When all the year fives had joined the line, we turned around and walked back – but not before all the animal children stood together and sang to all the Lower Kindergarten children from Coopersale Hall and Normanhurst.  We enjoyed singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ to them all.

When we finally got back to the Suntrap Centre, we and the rest of the Year 5’s went into a small garden and played all together for a while.  I think the Lower Kindergarten children enjoyed the experience as much as we did.”