Celebrating The Life Of Her Majesty The Queen

The children at Coopersale Hall gathered together in the hall this morning to reflect upon the life of Her Majesty The Queen.  Pupils sat quietly and listened to the stories of her amazing life and all that she has done to serve her country.

Miss Barnard shared a PowerPoint that highlighted many different achievements and personal family facts about her life.  At 5 she was gifted a house in Wales, her love for her animals was highlighted by the number of animals that she had owned.

A few fun facts are:

  • All swans that are not officially owned automatically become the property of the Queen.
  • The Queen is thought to have owned 30 Corgis in her lifetime!
  • The Queen had had 9 thrones in Buckingham Palace which have now been inherited by King Charles III.


Miss Barnard ended the assembly by posing a question to the children – ‘What acts of kindness could they do over the week end, which would reflect and emulate the character of the Queen in her life-time’.  They can share these moments with their class and teacher on Monday.