A Friday to Celebrate

Our Friday Assembly this week was definitely a celebration of many wonderful achievements within the school.  Miss Barnard felt really proud of all the children and what they had accomplished so soon into our new term.

We had many things to celebrate together, Scientist of the Week, individual merit awards for students and also class merit awards for Year 5 Graves and Year 4 Gilbert for their attitude to their learning.

It was with great pleasure that Miss Barnard handed to the children their LAMDA certificates for speech and drama, especially as we were the only school in which all the pupils passed with flying colours and were awarded a distinction.  Well done to everyone.

This was the first assembly where “The Bucket Filler” award was presented both to the children and the staff who had been deemed to be a bucket filler for somebody.   Once the names of the awarded children had been called out by Miss Barnard, they stood up to receive a hearty applause from the whole school for this lovely achievement.  This award celebrates many aspects of school life and how the children feel when someone has been kind, thoughtful and caring.

Miss Barnard was pleased with the amount of children that have been highlighted to receive this certificate and is looking forward to who will be nominated in the future.

Our Friday Assembly also saw the first time this year where the points awarded to each House had been counted and awarded to the House Prefect for this week – the points were very close but this week the first House to have the cup was Chestnut.  Ruby in Year 6 Bull was delighted to receive this in honour of Chestnut House.  Well done to Chestnut for being the first house to receive the cup – but there is all still to play for!

Miss Barnard drew the assembly to a close with our school prayer and a beaming smile, wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.