Alexanders’ Trip To NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre

Alexander in Year 6 recounted his amazing trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre to the rest of the class, who loved hearing about the wonderful things he saw and the interesting facts he learnt about space.


My Day at N.A.S.A – Tuesday 30th August 2022


“At the end of the Summer, I went to NASA in Florida U.S.A.  My Dad took my Mum, sister and myself to Kennedy Space Centre to see a rocket launch that would go down in history.

The name of the mission was Artemis.  It was launching early in the morning and we were staying four hours away, so we had to get up at two in the morning!


My Dad came into my room at two o’clock to wake my sister and me up.  We dragged our deflated bodies into the car to sleep once more.  Our change of clothes, breakfast and other stuff were all in the car.


We went through security and my Dad took us to a car park that was being used as a viewing point.  It was extremely crowded!


We waited and listened to the bad jokes of the commentator until it suddenly got delayed by twenty minutes.  Two men said it wouldn’t happen and gave us their space.  We had great seats, great food, and all of a sudden it was delayed another twenty minutes.  It wasn’t looking great.


When we all prepared for the coming news, it was announced.  The mission had been scuppered.  We were all devastated. Yes, we were upset BUT we didn’t let it stop us from having an amazing day at N.A.S.A!


We saw a Space Shuttle, a Saturn V rocket and the rocket that almost took off that day.


We didn’t see a rocket launch that would go down in history – BUT we did get a very special family day out.


We came home with a massive badge that celebrates all the past achievements of N.A.S.A, we are still thinking where we will proudly display this.”