Introducing the Hopes and Aspiration of the Head Boy & Girl and Deputy Head Boy & Girl

Last week, Miss Barnard was happy to welcome the Head Boy and Girl, as well as the Deputy Head Boy and Girl, to the whole school assembly. 
This would be their first public address in front of the entire school since their new duties were assigned to them in June.

They were very confident and full of enthusiasm for their new roles, introducing themselves to the rest of the school in a very professional manner.


Here are some extracts from their very engaging speeches:


Head Boy – James (6Z)

“Good morning, everyone.  My name is James and I am your Head Boy for this year.

I applied to be Head Boy because I am very proud to be part of Coopersale Hall and I wanted to do my bit for the school, to be a good ambassador for it and help make it the best it can be.  I think that being Head Boy is an important job.  You have to represent the school and be a good role model, help make decisions about what happens in school and do lots of speeches, just like this one!

I think our school is really good already, but together, I believe there are still a few things we can do to improve it for the future…I am looking forward to working with everyone to try and make them happen.  I will keep you updated…I would also very much like to hear any ideas or questions that you might have.  If you see me around the school, or at playtimes, you can always come over and have a chat with me.

I hope that you are all enjoying being back at school this term and I look forward to talking with you again soon.”



Head Girl – Jess (6B)

“Hello, I’m Jess.  I was made Head Girl in June.  I was flooded with emotions when Miss Leeks said my name.  I was half nervous but half excited for the year to come.  Over the years that I have been at Coopersale Hall, I have seen many Head Girls come and go.  I always knew that that was the role I wanted.

As Head Girl, I have to represent the school and its values by making sure that I always treat people with respect, listen to other people’s opinions, be kind, have good manners and treat everyone equally.

I am very glad to have been given the role of Head Girl but I am equally as happy that I get to work with 3 amazing people; James, Delilah and Noah.  I am privileged to spend my last year at Coopersale Hall School in this amazing role and I am looking forward to the year ahead.”


Deputy Head Boy – Noah (6B)


“Hello everyone! My name is Noah, in case you didn’t already know me – which is unlikely given I am now in my eighth year at this school!

I started in Upper Kindergarten with Miss Thomas and felt quite scared on my first day – I didn’t even want to go into the classroom! But by the end of the day, I didn’t want to leave, and I have enjoyed many aspects of school ever since.

I like talking to people, so if you see me around, please do come and chat with me (trust me, I’m not a scary dinosaur – roar!!)….and whatever age you are, the Year 6s are here to help you.”



Deputy Head Girl – Delilah (6Z)


“Being Deputy Head Girl is an exciting opportunity and I’m looking forward to working with everyone to help make Coopersale Hall School an even more special place to be.

At CHS we are a spectacular team as the older children look after the younger ones and the staff look after each other and care deeply about the children.  I am proud to be part of this family and am looking forward to getting to know all the children at our school, especially the new ones.

I am an older member of the school and want you all to know that if you ever need someone to listen, and help, I’m here.”


The children representing these jobs this year are proud to be taking on the responsibility of their roles and respecting the views and thoughts of the children throughout the school.  We wish them all a happy and successful year ahead!