Letters To The King

The death of our beloved Queen was announced on Thursday 8 September and came as a shock to everyone. Coopersale Hall School spent time with the children talking about this important milestone in history. Some of the children felt sadness, confusion and a sense of loss.

The children in Year 3 decided to write letters to the new King Charles because they wanted to share their words of sympathy.

Their letters were very thought-provoking and reflective of the mood of the nation – as Nicholas wrote, “You must be very sad about your mother but happy because you are King.”

The children suggested ways in which to cheer up our new King including, “cuddling a corgi”, as suggested by Valentina and going for a walk in nature, or Alexander recommends, “Have a sit on the throne and have a comfortable time watching TV.”

The children have written the letters in their best handwriting on posh paper and the letters will be sent off to Clarence House this week.