Eco Council Challenge- Lets Go Green!

The challenge ‘Let’s Go Green’ is for our pupils to do as many Eco Friendly activities at home as they can during the week.

Following are some suggestions of activities you may wish to do: -Recycling; food waste and packaging at home. -Make a charity shop donation- Reusing our old things stops us sending items to landfill. If it still has plenty of life, reuse it! -Walk to school- Not only is fresh air good to get you ready for a day of learning, the exercise is great too. -Car share- This reduces emissions, which is good for our planet. -Go on a litter pick- Having a clean and tidy environment is good for the mind as well as for wildlife. -Plant something- Plants create habitats and food for our wildlife. -Have an hour a day free of electricity use for the week- Rather than watching TV or playing a games console, you could spend an hour in the garden, play a board game or read a book.

Below are some of the fantastic ways our pupils have been going green: