Year 5 Become Tudors For The Day

On Wednesday 21st September Year 5 went on a visit to Queen Elizabeth’s Lodge and discovered more about the Tudor period that they are currently learning about.  These are some extracts from their writing about the day;


Oscar 5G – When we got on the minibus, I was filled with excitement.  I was thinking of the amazing things we might do.  Finally, we got there.  On the front of the building, there was a coloured sign that said “Epping Forest Visitor Centre”.  Next to that building was what looked like a 1,000-year-old cottage, I guessed that it was the hunting lodge.


Poppy 5N – The view was breath-taking! And to think that The Lodge was built centuries ago! There was so much to learn! First, we gathered around the Lodge to discuss things like the Tudors and how Henry VIII built the Lodge.  It was educational, but I was DESPERATE to go inside!


Finally, Isla turned the key of glory, which unlocked the secrets of the Tudor Lodge – Ooh, that’s intriguing isn’t it – we went in through the back door that the cooks would have used.


Oscar 5G – We all went inside the little house, and the first floor was filled with food! The food was fake but looked delicious.  We were told by our guides about the foods that the Tudors enjoyed.  We also found the item that did not belong on the Tudor table – it was the fork!


Ralf – 5N – I saw lots of food like glistening meat, golden bananas and bright red cherries.  Then went up the stairs to the top level.  As we walked up the stairs I saw big antlers from a dear that had been killed.  We went into a room and listened to our guide as she showed us items from this time.  I saw a rickety old crossbow which obviously did not work!


Lewis 5G – Once we got up the stairs we went into the noble room and made our own shields and we got to colour them ourselves.  Mine had four quarters, one with Scotland, one with England and I will be making one with Northern Ireland.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with the other one yet.


Oscar 5G – Then we went down to the middle level – we all dressed up in Tudor clothes and we looked strange.


Lewis 5G – Mrs Graves and Mrs Newbigging announced the King and Queen and those children went to the royal room and got dressed up.  Then we were all allowed into the royal room to see them.  We were allowed to try on the Tudor clothes.  Following that we all had our lunch.


Ralf 5N – The teachers decided that my friend Donald would be King and Flo would be Queen.


Poppy 5N – After that, we went orienteering! So basically, we had to find 8 clues and it took us all the way to Connaught Water. Flo and I were map scouts with compasses and maps.  Donald and Lewis were clue scouts, and they looked for clues.  Abi was the backpacker, alongside Evie.  In the end, we all went back to school.  I hope to do it again!