Rosh Hashanah

Following the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, Aimee stood up in front of her class and shared all the details of the wonderful festive foods that she and her extended family had enjoyed.


She also kindly brought in her copy of the Siddur, which is a Prayer Book sharing the daily blessing that this book has at the beginning.  Everyone was really interested to see that Aimee started reading from the back of the book – which is considered to be the start – and that she read words from right to left.


This is part of the blessing that was read to the class:

Inside of me you will find the same words that Jewish people have been saying for thousands of years. Whether it’s a difficult time in your life or a happy time I will always have the right words for you and can help you to connect to God.  Please cherish my words and say them with care.  I hope that will guide you and inspire you…..I will always be there for you and can’t wait to go on this journey with you.        Love, Your Tribe Siddur


Everyone found this very thoughtful and felt that these sentiments were universal to everyone. It was lovely way to start the day, thank you Aimee.