Year 5 Explore Commitment To Faith

Year 5 have been investigating the meaning of ‘commitment’ in different areas of life: sport, education, clubs, hobbies, friendships, personal goals, roles of responsibility. Another area they are looking at is that of faith – what does it take to be committed to a faith or a religion? We have children from different faith backgrounds including Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity or no particular faith.

Through sharing their own knowledge, opinions and experiences they have been learning about their differences and similarities.

Islam is the topic of this half term, particularly looking at commitment to the Five Pillars of Islam. To help them to understand the practical aspects of living the Islam faith, Rauf’s Dad, Mr Mushtaq, very kindly agreed to come in to talk to the class and answer questions.

Beautifully ornate prayer mats and two versions of the Qur’an gave everyone a first-hand glimpse of these special items of faith.

Thank you, Mr Mushtaq!