Dyslexia Awareness Week

Coopersale Hall School have been celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Week. Across the school, children have been learning about what dyslexia is, understanding what it means to be dyslexic and all the positives that it can bring, as well as some challenges. The children have learnt about lots of different famous people with dyslexia and their achievements; they even watched a video that Richard Branson sent to a couple of Coopersale Hall pupils telling them how he shares the same super power as them – dyslexia!

Sir Richard Branson is very passionate about changing the way people think about dyslexia and is involved in many charities, including Made By Dyslexia the world’s largest community of dyslexic people and allies. Amazingly, Albie and George inspired Richard to write a blog post about how Dyslexia shouldn’t hold you back in life and how it’s actually a superpower that they should be proud of.


George: “It quite surprised me when Richard Branson did this blog – it was quite amazing.  I think that I understand dyslexia more now, and I feel that it has helped me to understand.  I don’t get so frustrated now.”

Mrs Howard: “We read the blog together and discussed in class how dyslexia is like a super power, as the brain computes things in a different way, this can help us solve problems because we do look at things differently.”

Albie and George have kindly donated to the library “Tom Gates Random Acts of Fun” by Liz Pichon. Liz is a dyslexic author who has written a range of appealing books for all children, proving that dyslexia does not mean you cannot be fantastic at reading and writing.

We are delighted that Liz Pichon has signed and dedicated this book to the children of Coopersale Hall and that Albie and George have kindly put this book into our library for all the children to enjoy.