Friday Celebration Assembly


The whole school gathered together for our Friday Celebration Assembly to appreciate all the achievements of the children within our school.

Our achievements included celebrating the children that had their artwork selected at the recent Regional North London ISA Art Competition as being highly commended-Louise in 1C for her Mixed Media Autumn piece, and the children that created Nemo the fish last term in Miss Marks’ class: Maddox, Eleanor, Ula, Isabella (Now in Year 1H), Ilaria, Emily, Olivia, Rufus, Ella, Karam, Max (Now in Year 1C). Well done to you all.

Henry in 4G and Alexander in 3B received their Pen licences. It is very unusual for a Year 3 pupil to gain this award and Alexander was thrilled and overwhelmed with pride to receive it. The whole school applauded them both.

Children were awarded certificates for Scientist of the Week, Merits and also for being a Bucket Filler. Year 4H and Year 5G received a whole class Merit for their wonderful behaviour on their recent school trip, representing our school in the wider community in a positive light. All these certificates were given a hearty applause from everyone in the assembly.

Our Sports Captains, Francesca 6B and Lucas 6B read out to the school their reports from the recent sports fixtures that have taken place. We were delighted with the results that the teams had achieved so early in the school year. Miss Barnard read out the House Points awarded to each house this week, and Chestnut House received the cup. We congratulated all the children in this House for working together to keep the cup for another week. Well done to you all.

We closed our assembly with the school prayer. Our Friday Celebration Assembly provided the whole school with a wonderful opportunity to join together and celebrate the achievements of many pupils across a vast array of different skills.



We were delighted that the newly appointed Eco-Council had come together to get their badges from Miss Gowland.  The school was pleased to applaud them. Everyone was delighted that the whole school council were awarded their badges by Miss Bull.

Miss Barnard also celebrated individual achievements: Emily in 1C swimming certificate and Iman in 4G receiving her pen licence.

As the number of children who received their Science certificates and Bucket Filler certificates was so large, the children stood up and received a huge round of applause from everybody. The prefects deliver their certificates to their classes.

We were also delighted to learn that the first group of children who have received more than 3 bucket filler comments were having lunch with Miss Barnard today.

Finally, the House Prefects came together to find out who had won the House Cup for this week, and a cheer went up in the hall for Chestnut. Very well done to all. The assembly closed with the whole school saying the school prayer.