Year 6 Orchestral Programme

Year 6 have been given the chance to learn a melody instrument in our orchestral programme.  They have spent some time learning about and trying instruments from each orchestral family.  They were then given the choice of what instrument they would like to learn.

Last week saw the first lesson on their chosen instrument. The pupils were very excited to see the music room set up like an orchestra and to learn the first few notes on their chosen instrument.  By the end of the lesson, they had even mastered their first piece!  Year 6 will be able to take the instruments home to practice and will be given the opportunity to join orchestra rehearsals on Tuesdays.

We hope this will give our pupils the chance to learn an instrument they might not have considered before or to try an instrument they have always wanted to.

At Coopersale Hall we offer lessons in all instruments, please come and speak to us in the Music Department if you are interested in learning one!