Year 5’s Exciting Trip To Harlow Outdoor Pursuits

On Thursday 13th of October Year 5 embarked on an exciting school trip to Harlow Outdoor Pursuits. Year 5 pupils, Simran and Lewis, recount their experience…


After we had the safety talk, we went downstairs to get ready for canoeing.  We were handed out life-jackets so that if we fell out of the canoe, we would float and be safe.  It was a lovely day and the crystal clear blue water glistened in the sunlight as the fish swam merrily.  We were given a paddle and hopped into a canoe with our team.  We listened to how we used the paddle to move forward and backwards.   Then our instructor gave us a push into the canal and off we went paddling towards the bridge.  Once there, the instructor explained the aim of the game that we played. We decided what country to be, and then a tennis ball was thrown by the instructor.  It flew elegantly into the air and landed with a splash into the water.  We all canoed to get this, and once you had got the ball, you would launch the tennis-ball into another person’s canoe.  If the ball landed into their canoe then they became a member of your country.  Once everyone became your country, you won.  Paddling back with great regret, our time in the canoe came to an end all too soon!



We were puzzled by what this was and found ourselves around another instructor listening to what we were about to do and carefully understanding the rules we were to follow for our safety.  We all put on a helmet and a harness.  Crate stacking means we had to take two crates and place them down onto the platform area so we can stand on them.  We then had to get as high as we could working as a team.  The crate towers always had two people at a time on them.  There was a team from our class who would secure the next crate onto tower and another team who held the harness ropes securely as the crate climbers worked together to get as high as possible up the stacked crates. We worked as a team to get the two columns to make it higher, and the higher it became the less secure it felt!  Do you think you can beat the record of twenty?  Each pair had a timed amount of time to get as high as possible, and once it was reached, the platform area was cleared of everyone so that the instructor could knock the crates away.  We hung in mid-air in our safety harness and we felt like Peter Pan enjoying the lovely view, feeling exhilarated and delighted with our achievements.


Rock Climbing

The tremendously tall climbing wall beckoned us with its multi-coloured rocks which were dotted here and there.  As we ascended our climb, jocular smiles spread on the children’s faces.  The feeling was inexplicable when you reached the top!  We continued to work as teams learning the importance of holding the rope correctly, ensuring that the climber was secure and felt happy and able to climb as high as they felt comfortable to achieve.


This trip was such a privilege.  A big THANK YOU to Harlow Outdoor Pursuits for their great instructors who were so encouraging and supportive of what we accomplished during this fun-filled day.