Year 5 Girls ISA Football

On Friday 11th November Coopersale Hall participated in a football game against other schools in the North London ISA region at the Power League in Barnet.


The events of the day were recounted by Blaise and Elena:

The captain of our team was Florence.  We played 6 matches during the course of this sports fixture where we lost 4 matches and drew in 2.  During the morning, as it is Remembrance Day, we all stopped and stood for two minutes in silence.

Coopersale Hall did really well in all the matches and with a 2-2 score in our last match with Avon House we were all delighted.  The goals were scored by Blaise and Elena.  We all felt that we have learnt a lot and will be ready for the next time!  Thank you to Mr Barham and Mrs Boultwood for your support and encouragement.  We all had a great day and were thrilled with our medals.