Stir Up Sunday!

Year 5 have been thinking about the Christmas Story and some of the traditions that surround the season.

One activity they decided to try out for themselves was Stir Up Sunday. This is traditionally the last Sunday before Advent when families get together to make a Christmas Pudding. Everyone takes part and takes a turn to stir up the ingredients. As they do, they each make a wish or a prayer for the coming year.

Stirring a pudding sounds like a great reason for calling it Stir Up Sunday. However, the name stems from a prayer that is said in church on that day:

“Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people”.

Each class gathered around a table to work together to make a Christmas Sponge Pudding. This is a little lighter than a traditional Christmas Pudding, and is quicker to cook.

The children took turns measuring out the ingredients, and stirring them all together. The mixture was spooned into individual pie dishes, and cooked in the school kitchen so that each child had their own pudding to take home and try.

We know the mixture tasted good before it was cooked, by way of a few licked fingers and the gorgeous smell. We await the feedback after the children have tried them at home!

Thank you to Mrs Graves for the idea and the planning. And we have to give a HUGE thank you to Vicky, our Kitchen Manager, who provided the ingredients and cooked the puddings in the school steamer.