Coopersale Hall Have A Special Visitor

This week the pupils of Coopersale Hall enjoyed what is always the most magical day of the year. Santa made room in his busy schedule to pay our children a visit, and everyone loved saying hello, telling Santa what they would like for Christmas, and having a sing-song with him!

Santa even brought along two of his reindeer, Dancer and Prancer, who were exceptionally well behaved. The reindeer keepers told the children all about the lives of reindeer, and everyone had a lot of questions to ask.

Finally, the children headed to the FOCHS Christmas Shop, all eager to buy gifts and treats for their friends and loved ones. A huge thanks to FOCHS for making this day possible, and for bringing so much magic to the school.

Miss Crick’s Class – “I loved meeting the reindeers, they were cute and fluffy.  Rudolph was back at home; his nose only shines on Christmas Eve because it has to charge up all year!”

Year 5 – “Santa had asked us all what were our wishes for Christmas, we decided to ask Santa what his wish would be.  He said “I wish for Peace everywhere and I wish that everybody’s fuel bills are reduced!”  We all thought that Santa was very kind and thoughtful.”