A Special Time Of Year

On Monday 28th November, we took time to think about the lead up to Christmas and the traditions around this time of year. The four weeks prior to Christmas are called Advent, with each week having a particular theme or focus. The start of each week is marked by the lighting of a candle until all four have been lit.

The first candle reminds Christians of the HOPE they have in Jesus as their saviour and the HOPE of eternity in Heaven. Christians pray about this and any other hopes they may have.

The second candle reminds Christians of God’s LOVE for us and the need for us to LOVE others and be kind.

The third candle reminds us of the JOY of the gift of Jesus. Many Christians use JOY as a pneumonic to help them remember their priorities: Jesus, Others, Yourself.

The fourth candle reminds Christians of PEACE that comes from God and a relationship with him. Christians will also pray about the peace needed in families, communities and across the globe.

The candles are arranged in a wreath, a circle, which reminds them that God’s love is never-ending.

In some churches, a fifth candle may be lit on Christmas Day. This is the birthday candle for Jesus, the light of the world.


On Wednesday 30th November, we were very pleased to welcome Rabbi Posen into our school for our assembly.  He came in to tell us about the festival of Hanukkah that will be celebrated from the 18th to the 25th December.  He also brought with him a Menorah, a candle holder, which holds eight special candles in a row and a ninth candle in front.  This front candle is called the Shamash, and this is the candle from which all the other candles are lit.

This is a lovely time of the year that is spent with family, friends and the community. During this time, Jewish people eat oily foods, exchange presents and give to charity.  Charity can mean many things, not only giving money to those who need it, but also giving kindness to the community and those around you.  The children listened to the Rabbi and they also had the opportunity to ask him questions.


So, for different reasons, this is a special time of year for many people. The overriding themes are God’s provision and love, and the need for us all to share that with others in love and kindness.