Welcome Back!

The school gathered together in the hall for our first assembly of the new year. Miss Barnard welcomed everybody back and warmly welcomed the 15 new pupils that have joined us this term.

She talked to the children about what people usually do at the start of a new year and invited the children to explain what the word “resolution” meant. Frey in 2V said, “a wish that you have for the new year.” Miss Barnard felt that this was a lovely way to start getting everyone to think about how we can look at making a real difference and striving to achieve our goals. She took out a yoyo and showed them how, by starting with one simple movement, you can go on to spinning the yoyo “around the world” and even “walking the dog.”

Everyone was enthralled with her skill, and it helped us all to consider what changes we would like to make. We could see that by changing one thing, we could move on to changing so much more.

Miss Crick said she would like to drink more water this year and Miss Groman-Marks wanted to read more books. Children and staff were challenged to go away and think about one small positive change they could each make this year.

Our assembly closed with Miss Barnard saying a school prayer before the children returned to their class to start their day.

We wish everyone a new year full of happiness and success. Whatever your goals are this year, keep striving towards them and never give up!