Enjoying School Life

There are many opportunities within the time that children spend at school to encourage a happy attitude towards learning and to foster good relationships between everyone within the school community.


For example, in our Friday whole school assembly, we enjoy the opportunity to celebrate all the different skills and achievements that children have made, both in and out of school during the week.  Our Key Stage assemblies are led by a teacher who can utilise this time to explore some of the concerns that children may have.  At the beginning of the term, Miss Crick had an assembly with the KS1 children where she read the book “Walter and the no-need to worry suit.” She posed questions to the children allowing everyone time to think about how they could deal with feelings of concern that they may also have.


We regularly remind our children about The Listening Ear, which is an opportunity for them to speak to a trained member of staff about any concerns they may have.  All our mental health first aiders are displayed on our Listening Ear posters and they also wear an “I’ve got time to talk” lanyard so that they are easily identifiable to all the children.


Reading Buddies is a period of time set aside within the school time-table when children in KS2 and KS1 mix together to listen to each other read.  This helps to promote a wider range of vocabulary being exposed to the children, as well as listening to a wider group of individuals reading aloud.  This time also helps to promote engagement and enjoyment in reading together and also good relationships between the different key stages.


Lunchtimes are an excellent opportunity for the children to sit together, socialise and chat in an informal manner, whilst enjoying their meals.  Often members of the senior leadership team and teaching staff are in the hall, enjoying lunchtimes with the children.


School life has may opportunities for enjoying positive, happy and healthy environments where good relationships can flourish.

Miss Crick reading “Walter no-need to worry suit” to KS1.

Lunchtime with friends

Year 1 and their Year 3 reading buddies


Reception and their Year 5 reading buddies