Maths Day 2023

On Friday the 5 February 2023 the children at Coopersale Hall School got to enjoy a fabulous day with an extra sprinkle of maths. Children across the school took part in challenges earning points to identify the winning House and class. Winners will be announced in school this Friday.

We started the day with a whole school assembly, celebrating the achievement of the children who attended the Oak-Tree Maths Challenge. Not only did the children win the overall prize, they also won the group prizes for Year 3, 5 and 6.

During the assembly, everyone was reminded about the work that is done by the NSPCC and how they help children all over the country.

James and Jess collected donations for this worthy cause on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thank you very much to all those families who made contributions, a total of £70.89 was raised for the NSPCC charity.

The children in Reception Gowland enjoyed Maths Top Marks online games, Maths games on the tables, large dominoes and ten frames outdoors. You can enjoy Maths wherever you are!

Reception Greenin had a go at playing bingo to 5 and bingo to 10, they worked in pairs to identify the correct number as in each picture they needed to subitise. They had a great time trying to fill the board so that they could shout BINGO!

The children in Reception Groman-Marks participated in a selection of tabletop Maths games, they chose a number pebble and then showed how to represent that number using a whiteboard and pen and the correct amount of teddy bears. They used the numicon to draw around and then asked a friend to match the drawing the correct numicon piece and worked on their number formation.

The Year 1 children all took part in the Number Day quiz where they worked in teams to answer number questions.  The children were proud to show how they can count in 2s, 5s and 10s and decorated their number crowns. Ula even made one for Mrs Hogarth!

Year 2 Biddle had a great time during Maths Day. Their favourite game was bingo, where they became very competitive.

Year 2 Vora played Top Marks Games on the I-Pad as well as playing sharing games.

Year 3 children enjoying games on iPads and doing fractions work with Miss Curl and Ms McManus.

The children loved discovering what a minute felt like.  They put their heads on the tables and counted a minute – they also did this while standing on one leg!

Year 4 created 3D shapes and constructions using spaghetti and marshmallows. They discussed in teams the use of balance, symmetry, weight and shape.

They thoroughly enjoyed their day of Maths and all of the tokens they earnt!

Year 5 used smarties to help with their Maths challenges.

Year 6 enjoyed exploring the game of Mancala during Maths Day – so much so, that they will be playing this ancient sorting game with each other again during another lesson.

Mancala helps with mathematical thinking as one has to keep track of the stones in each hole and keeping your calculations skills sharp!

Maths even found its way into Music lessons!

KG have been identifying the shapes of musical instruments, Reception have been learning that different notes represent different counts. Year 1 have been singing their times tables and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been measuring the boomwhackers to work out the correct order. Year 5 have been ordering instruments according to preference and Year 6 had to time their music to make sure it fitted with a time limit.  Maths skills are needed in all parts of life!

Children and staff at Coopersale Hall School had a super day. Thank you so much to all the staff for making NSPCC Number Day such a huge success and thank you to the school community for donations which will be sent to the NSPCC by the end of this week. If you would still like to make a donation, please send any donations to the school office.