Celebration Assembly

Our final assembly of this half term gave us much to be proud of and celebrate together.

We were delighted that Poppy in 5N and Emelia in 4G had been presented with a copy of “Talk About Epping”. The girls had given their time to attend the community consultation event regarding plans for the new skate park that Epping Town Council are proposing. The girls presented to the skate park design team asking for interesting things such as a ‘chatter bench’.  The designers were so impressed that they took back their ideas to their London design studio to see what could be included.  Everyone gave them a well deserved round of applause and well done for contributing to the design of this area that will be well used in the wider community.

The school were delighted to learn which house had received the most house points against our recent Maths NSPCC Number Day – Beech held the cup with pride! KS1 and KS2 class winners were also announced with KS1 1Crick and KS2 3Burgess winning and receiving some maths games to enjoy in class.  Well done and congratulations.

House points across the school were counted – and Chestnut were proud to gain this for this week.  Merit and Science certificates were awarded and the children came to collect their certificates at the front of the hall.

Delilah in 3B shared the fascinating news that she had met the King and Queen Consort at Buckingham Palace!

The many children who had been awarded with a Bucket Filler award stood up and received a well-deserved round of applause for their kindness and thoughtful behaviour.

Miss Barnard also took the opportunity of thanking the children and their families for kindly donating towards the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Fund which has recently occurred.  It was very kind that everyone had taken time to consider people who were in such need.  Everyone listened to the prayer that Miss Barnard relayed.

The assembly was brought to a close with the KS1 Choir singing “Colours of the Rainbow” with actions. They received a wonderful round of applause and brought the assembly to an end.

We would like to wish everyone a restful break.