Children’s Mental Health Week Homework

Ahead of Children’s Mental Health Week Year 3 were asked to explore how they connect with their family, friends, pets and other people in their lives.

For their homework, they considered how they connected with their friends and families on special occasions, for example, Eid, Diwali, birthdays etc.  They considered how these connections are made through food, drink, games, rituals, songs and music.

Year 3 were tasked with planning an activity that would encourage people to connect with each other.  They could also think about the wider community and plan an activity or event that includes people who may not have as many opportunities to connect with others, such as care home residents.


The children considered their ideas and were given the opportunity of discussing their ideas with the whole class.

These are some extracts from their homework:

Robyn – Planned Event: Toot Hill Village Tea and Cake Morning:

“I would make cakes and buy tea with my tooth fairy money.

Make posters and put them up around the village and post them through doors and letterboxes.

I hope everyone comes and meets people they have not met before.”


Lilly – Planned Event: Summer Festival with a picnic.

“I would invite all families in Epping letting them know that the picnic would be held in the park.

Bring a picnic and some drinks. Organise games, baking competition, dancing and singing event.  Have a raffle with the money collected going to the local care homes.

I am hoping the money raised can mobilise people from the care home so they can join us in future events.”


Edward – Party at a Residential Home

Aim – to put a smile on the residents’ faces.

Food – fish, chips, peas, tea and cake.

Decoration – balloon, confetti, flags and karaoke machine.

Entertainment – clown, magician, movie show.

“I hope this would be very heart-warming to them.”


Sophie – Activity Party at Care Home

“I think it would be a good idea to have an activity party at a care home.  If it’s raining, we would need to have it in the care home hall but hopefully it will be a warm sunny day so that we can have the party in the garden.

We should do some activities to entertain the residents.  Some activities ideas are skipping, hula hoop, gymnastics, reading poetry, ball dribbling around cones.  I think it will cheer the residents up and if they want to join in they can.  After that we should all have lunch together.  Sandwiches, tea and cakes would be nice.  We should also have some peaceful piano music playing.

After lunch we should all play Bingo or Dominoes.  When we get back to school we could send them a letter to say thank you for the party.”


Carter – Sports Day

“Anyone can come to my sports day.  Children can come to play and adults can come to watch.

I think this would bring all the community together to play.  Everyone can bring their favourite food but only one dish per family.

The reason why I chose to choose something to do with sport is that it is exercise and that can help with your mental health.  The event will help lonely people to make new friends.”


This is just a selection of the wonderful plans the children in Year 3 thought out. They considered many different ways to connect with the people in the wider community and how these plans might bring joy to people who are more isolated.  Their ideas were wonderful, thoughtful and a reflection of their lovely nature.  They certainly warmed the heart!